This Unsuspecting Nissan Might Be The Best Car In The World

I’ve said it before and hot rodders have said it for years: you can put a fat V8 in a little, unsuspecting Nissan 240SX and make one of the best handling, best driving cars on the planet.

This one might be the very best that I’ve seen. My buddy Brandon owns this car, and you’d never know it has an LS1 V8 under the hood (that’s something in the 300 horsepower range) if you didn’t hear him start the car up. Or, you know, if you saw him do a massive burnout in the thing, as shot by my other buddy JBH.

If you think I’m crazy to still be hyping a V8-swapped 240SX, don’t take my word for it. Take MotorTrend’s.


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