This Unholy Mutated 4x4 Mustang Is The Best Worst Thing You've Seen Since Breakfast

Before you pass too much judgement on the designer of this deeply bonkers automotive chimera, I want you to keep in mind one thing: he did exactly what the client asked for. The client wanted an unholy mashup between a Mustang and a Ram 4x4, and, well, that’s pretty much what he got, with a bit of something like an Auburn Speedster mixed in, because, fuck it.


In this case, the designer is Hussain Albagali, and the client is Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, better known as the Rainbow Sheikh, and he’s best known for having massive oversize versions of cars and trucks built.

The man likes his cars big, as in city-destroying-lizard-monster big, like this 8x-scale Dodge Power Wagon:


So, I mean, in context, this thing is actually pretty restrained.

Right there in the videos about this car, we see exactly what was asked for:


... and, you have to hand it to Albagali, he gives his clients what they want. Here’s the full videos of the car’s build:

A brand-new Mustang was liberated from its suspension and running gear, and chopped to fit the massive chassis of the Dodge 4x4.


The addition of the whitewalls and side-mount spare and wire wheels and the other ‘30s-era design details I find really baffling, because they have zero to do with the aesthetics of the Mustang.


The result is, of course, something of a mess, but a shocking, attention-grabbing mess, which is not something I’m entirely against. This thing is like a giant, driving, atomic-powered confuse-o-tron, generating metric tons of raw, weaponized whatthefuckium everywhere it goes.

I’ve always believed that you can really enjoy things that you also fully understand to be terrible, like squishy street-vendor hot dogs or off-brand snack cakes.


This car is kind of like that: clearly awful, an unholy miasma of cars and designs and styles, but at the same time, I’m pretty sure it would be impossible not to have a fantastic time driving around in this monster.

It’s an absolute success at whatever the hell the goal of this batshit thing was. Whatever it was, it won the fuck out of it.

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