This Ultra Badass M3 V8-Powered BMW 1 Series Is Brain-Meltingly Perfect

What is it about putting a big V8 into a tiny car that makes a grown man giddy like a school girl? It's the unexpected noise. The thrill. Whatever it is, the awesomesaucity of this BMW 135i with an M3 V8 is off the chain.

The beautiful genius behind this car has done something rather simple, really. Remove puny six cylinder engine from 135i. Insert manly bastion as power M3 V8 and DCT gearbox. Then ruin everyone's perceptions of what speed actually means.


While the video doesn't show the car flying at warp speed, you get the idea that it is quite fast. It's probably not filmed at full throttle just because it's simply too fast to be caught on camera.

Correction: We originally said this was a 1M, it was actually a 135i.

Hat Tip to @timwepunkt!

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