This Truly Incredible Video Is A Masterpiece Of Pain, Rage And Stupid

This compilation is 13 minutes long and I watched the whole damn thing while roaring with laughter.


The first half of it is people getting angry with supercar drivers for revving their loud-ass engines on city streets. Which, fair! You’re just walking around, minding your own business, and then here’s this yahoo revving his Lamborghini loudly enough to shatter your eardrums. It’s not a polite thing to do.

You’re familiar with Louis C.K.’s “of course, but maybe” set, yes? Of course messing with someone else’s stuff is a crappy thing to do. But maybe if you’re being a public nuisance, you kind of deserve someone screaming at you.

Also, I never understood why anybody in an expensive car would ever get into a shouting match with a pedestrian. Say the pedestrian is unhinged and utterly amoral. There is nothing stopping them from putting a fist through your window and then running away, never to be found again.

What’s messed up are the people messing with the parked supercars. Why you being a jealous jerk, man?

The second half of the video is just supercars wrecking after their drivers attempted to pull off stupid and reckless shit. Enjoy.

via Reddit

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