Good news! That little, angry looking, Miata-fighting baby FR-S sports coupe that Toyota had shown at the Tokyo Motor Show now has a race car concept. And it looks even better than the road car.


Different from the S-FR road car, this race car has most of the aesthetic race car bits that most track rats salivate over. Widened wheel arches, carbon fiber splitter pieces, a rear diffuser with air channels that look almost as tall as the Lincoln Tunnel’s bores, and a wing.

Though official specs haven’t been posted yet for the S-FR Racing Concept, expect a bump from the road car’s estimated 130 horsepower and probably a slight drop in weight as well. Because, well, race car.

Hopefully we’ll get more information on this concept soon. But for now, we’ll just have to clench these pics tightly to hold us over and wish for the best.


Photo Credits: Toyota

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