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This Towing Fail Video Is Maybe The Stupidest Thing I've Ever Seen

Illustration for article titled This Towing Fail Video Is Maybe The Stupidest Thing Ive Ever Seen
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Calling it right now: this is the towing fail of 2015. And we're not even done with January yet. That, or it's just a cruel and trollish joke.


I kind of want to think it's a joke since I have a hard time accepting that anyone could be as willfully stupid as this Ford Ranger driver.

"But PG!" you're saying right now. "You write for the Internet. You of all people should know not to hold humanity in such high regard."


But I do! And I can't believe this bro would just go full throttle trying to tow the bigger truck, and then stare at his bare frame while asking his buddy, "That's not supposed to come off there?"

That's not how tow straps work, bro. That's not how any of this works.

I hope it's a joke. Please tell me it's a joke? If not, I'm even more worried for the future of this country than I was when I got up this morning.

Hat tip to -Chris_K_F in Oppo-land!

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"That what you do with these straps. You just go."

Apparently the fact that you know everything when you are under 25 still applies.