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This Totally Badass Pontiac Firebird Was Home Built In A Shed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sometimes achieving true genius requires sacrifice. Automotive builds to this level of quality take serious time, effort, talent, and money. Riley Stair had all of that to make it work, but what he didn’t have was a team of workers or even a proper workspace. This car was the absolute star of SEMA last year, and the fact that it was built inside a canopy with no front or back makes it so much more badass.

While the body of this car started as a Pontiac, Riley quickly decided that he was going to make it a complete tube frame piece of art. The fact that the exhaust wraps forward of the motor into an equal-length eight-into-one collector is absolute insanity. The fact that this uses a Dale Earnhardt NASCAR-style sequential gearbox is mind melting. The fact that the car is a full 7 feet wide is just the coolest thing ever.

This Pontiac is Riley’s business card, as he built the car as proof of concept. He has proven to the world that he has the ability to engineer, weld, panel beat, wrench, and assemble with the best of them. If you know a shop or a race team that needs a guy like Riley, for the love of everything, please hire him and pay him The Money.