This Tire-Scorching Romp In A Ferrari 288 GTO Is Downright Erotic

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If this video of a Ferrari 288 GTO getting hooned hard on dirt and asphalt doesn't make you physically turned on, you might be reading the wrong website.

Our pals at Tax The Rich — the insane, anonymous hooligans who like to drive high end cars like they were meant to be driven and then film it for the enjoyment of all mankind — recently got their hands on one of the greatest Ferraris ever made.

The 288 GTO was built to go racing in the legendary Group B rally series of the 1980s. That series was shut down for safety reasons before it ever got the chance, but about 270 288 GTOs were built as road-going homologation versions. With a 400 horsepower twin-turbo V8, the car was positively demonic in its day.


And this video proves that it still is. The sound of that motor, that gorgeous red body, the incredible speed, and the "Ride of the Valkyries" soundtrack all make this some Grade A car porn.