Today’s hypercars are so fast, you can only legally take them to their limit on a race track. And when you’re on a race track, you’ll find they’re not the fastest cars there.

This open-topped Lotus 3-Eleven, the successor to the great Lotus 2-Eleven, recorded a faster lap time around the great Hockenheim short circuit in Germany than a Porsche 918. The tests ere carried out not by Porsche or Lotus, but by the independent magazine Sport Auto.

The little Lotus looks, uh, frisky, I suppose you would call it. There’s a big oversteer moment before one of the turns that I imagine would not happen in the all-wheel drive Porsche.


But it’s still a good example that big weight, big tech, and big power isn’t the only way to get big speed. Light weight still works.

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