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This Tiny Lotus Is Faster Than A Porsche 918

Illustration for article titled This Tiny Lotus Is Faster Than A Porsche 918

Today’s hypercars are so fast, you can only legally take them to their limit on a race track. And when you’re on a race track, you’ll find they’re not the fastest cars there.


This open-topped Lotus 3-Eleven, the successor to the great Lotus 2-Eleven, recorded a faster lap time around the great Hockenheim short circuit in Germany than a Porsche 918. The tests ere carried out not by Porsche or Lotus, but by the independent magazine Sport Auto.

The little Lotus looks, uh, frisky, I suppose you would call it. There’s a big oversteer moment before one of the turns that I imagine would not happen in the all-wheel drive Porsche.


But it’s still a good example that big weight, big tech, and big power isn’t the only way to get big speed. Light weight still works.

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How tiny is this track? I know the ACR Viper beat all three hypercars at many tracks yet when it was compared youtube video against the 918, the 918 came out on top. I think the hyper cars are fast at tracks with long straights as compared to traction monsters like the ACR, or go Go Kart size cars like the Lotus. Either way it seems like today’s benchmark is no doubt the 918 and to some extend the P1. Although I love the P1 more than the 918, it seems like when it comes to dominating tracks, the 918 came out on top. At least that’s what I got from the time Motortrend compared both the 918 and the P1. To me Randy Pobst is the only racing driver I can trust with times.