This Time Lapse Of A Nuclear Fast Attack Sub Entering Dry Dock Is Sweet

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This time lapse, shot at Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego, of the Los Angeles class nuclear fast attack sub USS San Francisco entering drydock is pretty awesome. Not only do you get to see how they bring in one these amazing machines for repairs, but you also see some pretty cool ship traffic in the background.

I can see a cruise ship, a Joint High-Speed vessel, some destroyers, a car carrier, the brand new USS America, and a bunch of civilian boats in the video. Not to mention a gaggle of security vessels and a couple of force protection helicopters to attend to all the heavy military gear coming and going from San Diego Bay. Just across the channel in the distance from where this was shot sits the sprawling Naval Air Station North Island and beyond that beautiful Coronado.

San Diego is a great city, I love spending time there, and if you have a thing for military hardware or transportation it is a daily candy store of sights to behold.


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