This Three-Wide Smack-Pass Is How The Bathurst 12 Hour Really Ended

You know what's frustrating? When there's an epic battle going on for multiple places in a race, but the cameras stick to the car in first place as if that's the only one who matters. That's exactly what happened with the Bathurst 12 Hour, and luckily, a fan fixed it for us. Three-wide. Smack-pass. This is nuts.

Due to a late safety car that bunched everybody up, everything was up for grabs among the leaders of the Bathurst 12 Hour. Matt Bell had been leading for a long time in the big Bentley Continental GT3, but Katsumasa Chiyo made a series of passes in the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT early on during the restart from fourth up to first place.


We saw what happened with the GT-R on the international video feed. What we didn't see was how the Audi R8 LMS Ultra of Laurens Vanthoor got around into second place, in front of both the Bentley as well as the Aston Martin Vantage of Stefan Mücke. The video feed cut from a Bell/Mücke/Vanthoor train to a Vanthoor/Mücke/Bell 2/3/4 result. Huh?

Here's how that happened, and it's even more insane than most described it. The massive Bentley is an obstacle in its own right, as its sheer size makes it difficult to get around. If it's the last turn of the race, though, I suppose rubbing up against the guy matters much less. Bell's tires were tired by the time that last corner came around from all the weaving and darting he'd done to keep the racers directly off his back bumper from coming around in front. As soon as his back end stepped out, he was done.

Passed on both sides in the last corner.


[H/T @VanthoorLaurens!]

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Really hard to tell if Mücke hit Bell and pushed him wide, or if Bell just couldn't hold the corner since he was on such a defensive line. Would love to see onboards, hopefully the teams will publish some.