This Tesla Driver Saved Himself From A Crash Using His Car's Acceleration

GIF pulled from video by Jason Hughes

A Tesla driver saved himself from an almost certain rear-end collision by simply pressing the go-pedal. Wait, I thought speed kills?

Driver Jason Hughes spotted this distracted Toyota Prius speeding towards his rear end as his Tesla Model S P85D was waiting to make a left turn on a two-lane road, per his YouTube video description. The Prius, which had to swerve to avoid oncoming traffic as well, clearly wasn’t slowing down enough, so Hughes nailed the car’s accelerator. It worked!

Hughes writes that he was thankful that he had a car that could accelerate so quickly from a stop:

This rear facing wide angle video doesn’t do the acceleration justice. Probably not many other cars out there that could have done this successfully. I was back up to nearly the speed limit (55 MPH) by just after the time this video cut off and by the time the Prius was nearly stopped in the space I was previously stopped.


The next time someone questions why you need such a fast car, just tell them that acceleration is a safety device.

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As awesome as the car’s acceleration aside it also points out the key factor of being aware of your surroundings while driving, including what’s behind you.

There’s been multiple times I had to adjust how fast I was braking or which direction to swerve to because of the person behind me not slowing down fast enough or dodging to avoid collision.

Riding a motorcycle really reinforce this habit.