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​This Telescopic Bike Shed Is A Mini Haven For The Garageless

I spent far too many years without the luxury of a garage. Oil changes in the street and ill-fitting car/bike-covers were the norm. This telescopic garage from Germany could've been the answer.


It's called Die Motorrad Garage, which you can probably translate, and it's a simple, ingenious way to stash your gear and tools, and keep your bike covered without taking up too much space.

When it's closed, it's just under 17 inches wide, and extended it provides almost four-and-a-half feet of space – more than enough for a sportbike or tourer, but a tight fit for a fully-bagged GS. Simply ride up, open the door, push the bike forward, extend it, close it, lock it. Done.

Illustration for article titled ​This Telescopic Bike Shed Is A Mini Haven For The Garageless

There's enough space in the back to outfit it with a few shelves, hangers, and tool chests. And while there's a chance of it getting broken into (like any garage), a half-dozen big-ass bolts drilled into the wall its mounted on should thwart most thieves.

There's no pricing info on the website, only a contact form, but I doubt it would break the bank, and it's sure to be a helluva lot cheaper than moving.

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