Remember when I told you we should get a Terra Bus just in case the world ends? Well, it turns out one of our readers drives one where the world almost ends, on Ross Island in Antarctica.


Say hi to ShuttleDan. He is the one in the picture hanging from the emergency hatch. According to his comment, Ivan, the Terra Bus is a bit different from factory specifications:

As a driver of Ivan, I can tell you that he does not have articulated steering, his Detroit Diesel has been replaced with a 300-hp Cat coupled to a six-speed semi-automatic transmission, and on a good day he will do 26-mph. He weighs in at closer to 67,000 lbs, gets about 1 mpg, and has a sweet wood paneled interior.

It's fantastic to have you with us, and in case the team would like to share their adventures regularly, Kinja is the best platform to do that! So until then, have fun, we're looking forward to hearing from you!

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