This Supercross Crash Will Kill Your Dreams Of Flight And Make Your Entire Body Hurt

Up until Saturday night, Ken Roczen’s season in Monster Energy Supercross was going quite well. He won the first two events of the season, and went into the third race in Anaheim, California as the points leader ahead of the dominant defending champion Ryan Dungey. Then, this happened.


Roczen went flying off of his bike during the main event for the series’ top 450SX class on Saturday, crashing hard out of third place around the halfway point in the race. A medical crew came out to assist Roczen immediately after the crash, and an update on Roczen’s condition from the Supercross website said he went to a local hospital later.

The whole thing looks wildly painful, especially with how much air Roczen got after separating from his bike. A statement from Roczen’s Honda team said he sustained a compound fracture to his left forearm in the wreck, though no further details about his condition or plans for the season were given.

Dungey won the event in Anaheim, taking over the points lead before the series’ next event in Arizona.

Update, Jan. 23 at 10:10 a.m. ET: Roczen posted a gory update on Instagram with a picture of his injured arm, explaining that he’ll have a long recovery and thanking fans for the support:

Dislocated wrist, dislocated elbow and compounded radius. The first 30h absolutely sucked as none of the pain killers worked and it was really swollen. Gonna need few surgeries to get all this dialed. 🔴 I have gotten so many messages and was so pleased to read all of them. I didn’t message back as the circumstances right now are just a bit gnarly and it would probably take me a day to reply lol. Just know I saw them! Love all you! Gonna need a few days for further info.

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This is frightening, and a real danger when the soil at the bottom of the jumps remains more moist than the top. The ruts form long in the troughs and have square ends at the base of the jumps... If you hit this square edge at the wrong speed, and throttle position, the bike will buck you off. This is an insanely high buck...

20 years ago, I left the seat of my dirtbike thusly and only flew a couple of feet in the air... No broken bones, but boy did it scare the crap out of me. I swore I would never do that again.

Just two years ago, I left the seat of a snowmobile thusly and caught some major air. Thankfully, I fell into a snowbank. Unfortunately, the sled fell into the same snowbank. My torso somehow ended up between the _top_ of the track and the seat frame and the sled tried to eat me for a few seconds before the engine idled down. I suffered only two broken ribs, amazingly, and a few scrapes. In this case, I crossed a bridge over a creek at speed and rode the center instead of the side. The center is lower than the sides and the bump at the far side launched me like a rag doll. That’s not something I am eager to repeat any time soon. The sled and I were good enough to ride the rest of the long weekend sled trip, but I required significant pain killers to sleep in the cabin... The Adrenalin flow kept the ribs from hurting while riding.

Get well, soon, Ken !