This Super Hornet Ad With Kids Showing Off Their Toy Jets Is Genius

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This Super Hornet ad, made for Canadian consumption, is quite amusing and hits home some glaring issues in regards to the F-35's affordability. Canada has had an F-35 saga of their own over the last half decade, and finally Ottawa has decided to modernize its CF-18 Hornet fleet yet again in order to by some decision making time.


A new report just today, says that F-35 negotiations have continued behind the peoples' backs, and that Canada will announce that it will buy four F-35s, to be delivered in 2017, if certain caveats are met. If this ends up being the case, there will certainly be many who once again cry foul play, so there is no guarantee that such a move will actually come to fruition.


Like virtually every country involved with this troubled and embattled super-sized weapons program, the saga continues without end in sight....

This commercial was followed by a similar Boeing C-17A ad, once again striking at Lockheed and its C-130's service and support.

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