This Subaru STI flew 100 feet into a building

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A 20-year-old driver in Santa Fe, Texas had a yeeee-ha moment in a Subaru Impreza STI this past weekend. He missed a turn at 90 mph, ran up a railroad embankment (aka, "ramp"), flew 100 feet through the air, and slammed through the roof of a building.

Local cops say they were alerted to the crash by a burglar alarm that went off at Gulf Coast Aerobic Services (no, it's not an aerobics studio — they do septic tank stuff). They arrived at around 2:00 am and found the car inside, standing upright on its nose. The car had entered through the roof. Officials said damages could total $25,000.

The driver, Royce Morales, was gone when police arrived, but he was later identified and arrested. Morales had attempted to report the car stolen. According to reports, he'll be charged with reckless driving, filing a false report and failing to register a flight path.