You want '80s? You want colors so bright they make your eyeballs bleed? Behold the glory of the Subaru Jo-Car from the 1987 Tokyo Motor Show.

Here's a little blurb about the car from a contemporary news report from the Orlando Sentinel, or all places.

This type of whimsical design is what Japanese manufacturers refer to as ''fun cars.''


And fun the Jo-Car is. It's a roadster, which is reasonably fun, but it also has a supercharged, intercooled 544 cc two cylinder engine (three valves per cylinder apparently), a CVT, and —get this — four wheel drive! So cool.

There was also apparently a heads-up display, as well as some sort of diagnostics screen in the dash. It looks like if Playskool tried to make a Tesla.

And the whole thing is properly tiny, as you can see in this unattributed photo with an accompanying booth professional in proper '80s digs.


It might have the most heinous paint job ever committed to a factory concept car, but I still adore it. And I would totally rock one of these things.


Photo Credits: Subaru via, NAMCO (Pole Position II graphic)

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