This Stubby Little Truck Can Smoke A Bugatti Veyron

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The Nissan Patrol is basically an old-school off-road capable SUV popular in the Middle East, Australia and other markets that aren’t ours. Many of these trucks are modified to go dirt driving and dune bashing. This one is built for speed.

SpeedHunters’ Paddy McGrath caught this SUV in Qatar, where he got a few minutes to take some fantastic photos of it.


Paddy tells us there are big Endless brakes hiding behind those lightweight RAYS Volk Racing TE37 rims, which are necessary because of something you might not have noticed from that profile picture– two ginormous turbos poking out of the hood.

“Precision Turbos turbochargers are mated to Nissan’s TB48, along with bigger injectors, custom AAP camshafts, and an upgraded fuel and cooling system,” says SpeedHunters. A MoTeC M1 engine management system, and a few other “secret” upgrades were apparently installed by a shop called Al Anabi Performance, which has brought the SUV’s output to 1,400 wheel horsepower.

The claim is that the vehicle can hit 191.4 mph in a half-mile.

There’s a little bit more too, but for now those upgrades will remain a secret. The result is a headline figure of 1,400 HP at the wheels and enough to propel the Patrol to 308km/h (191.4mph) in the standing half-mile. In a car that’s less than 200 inches long and has the aerodynamic profile of two bricks.


This particular vehicle’s owner is said to be a private individual, so we don’t have much else to share about the maniac machine. But watch out next time you’re rolling around Qatar and see a pair of steel snails poking out of a humble-looking SUV’s hood.

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