This Stripped Down C4 Corvette Annihilates The Sand Dunes

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I don’t like to throw the word “hero” around like Sriracha on salad, but anybody who turns a Corvette into a dune buggy is a hero.

This summer the guy behind DuneTV1, one of the best wacky YouTube channels you’re not watching, caught up with Dwayne from Alto, Michigan going hog wild at (I believe) the Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

Dwayne tells the camera he was inspired by Roadkill. The YouTube channel, not potentially delicious free meat. I think.


The car is a 1985 Corvette. Or at least, most of one.

Other than the super-wide rear wheels and dramatic weight reduction it doesn’t look like the Corvette has been modified all that much. Dwayne says he’s planning on stripping the car down to its roll cage, adding a lot more power and proceeding to unleash the result on “road courses, drag strips, sand dunes, two-tracks.” “...Anywheres they’ll let me run it.”

A cursory glance through Detroit’s used car classifieds lead me to believe you can pick a decent Corvette of this era up for $5,000 to $7,000. But you don’t need a decent one to tear the body panels off and go dune-dragging, so gather up your laundry coins and start your own off-road Corvette project!

Dwayne’s my kind of car guy. He’s creative, and with a good sense of humor. Here’s hoping he gets the project where he wants it to go. That said, the stripped C4 body looks pretty bad ass throwing up sand wakes as-is.

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