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This Stripped Dodge Viper Is The Go-Kart Project Of Your Nightmares

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Have you ever wondered what life would look like if you had X-ray vision? Well, don your most flattering set of undergarments and climb into this Dodge Viper SRT-10 project. You’ll match the candid birthday suit motif, and you’ll be driving the most awesome modern Mad Max Go-Kart ever.


This 2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Convertible started life as any new sports car - on a dealer’s lot, perhaps having a few butts sit in its cushy leather before some aging 10-percenter finances it over the course of six years, leaving it to his wife in the divorce in year four, right after the warranty runs out.

This car in particular, had a slight boo-boo that gave the issuing insurance company reason to declare it a total loss, although the seller says the car comes with a clean title. Right. According to the seller, the frame was damaged but set straight, and barring some body panels and some minor body work, this car is good to go. I’d have other plans.


Here’s what I’d do: Fasten some universal trailer lights to the back, put some enclosed headlights for the front, and zip tie the license plates on. To my knowledge, there’s no law that says your car has to have body panels, right? That is, if the seller’s description of the car is up to scratch. Here’s an excerpt:

This vehicle was involved in a collision which slightly pushed the left hand frame rail back. As you can see from the pictures provided in the link above, we put the vehicle on our frame machine and pulled the rail back into place. The rear frame near the passenger roll bar also show some dents. This is not an un-hit frame but it is very useable

If I had the disposable income, I’d pay the reasonable price of entry for this 500+ horsepower go-kart. There’s a good chance that you could make it into a running and driving clean example of a modern Viper with the missing body panels, or you could just act out your 12-year old fantasy of making a death machine that whizzes, bangs, and pops with the aesthetics of a midnight forest fire. Amateurs need not apply.


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