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Further proof that people buy eco-friendly cars for their luxury and not for their economy came today when the Embassy Suites hotel in Nashville, Tennessee started to run their eight-passenger Nissan Leaf shuttle. Granola-crunchers, your limo has arrived.

The Leaf "GoGreen" limo, built in Springfield, Mo, has no extra batteries to cart around the 400 pounds of metal welded into the middle, as well as however many pounds the ‘70s-tastic vinyl roof padding adds. That's going to cut into the standard car's 73-mile range, but since the limo rarely makes a trip over five miles, it shouldn't be a problem.


One hotel guest who'd never been in an electric car before was surprised by the normalcy of the stretched Leaf, done up with the same wood, leather, and mirror interior treatment familiar to drunk bachelorette partiers and important businesspeople the world over. She told AutoMotoTV,

It feels so smooth. You can't even really hear the engine running, but it wasn't like being in a golf cart either.

The limo driver expects that the idea will catch on and more hotels will get their own electric limos. We wouldn't be surprised to see more of these things in front of Hollywood hotels in the next few years, either.

(Hat tip to zootietoo!)

Photo Credit: AutoMotoTV


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