This Street-Legal Dirt Late Model Is The Only Thing I Want Out Of Life

Gif: Duane Draper (YouTube)

During lunch, my husband and I went from usual the topic of race cars and shells for sale online to the idea of turning a Late Model into a street car—a lifted battle car for the apocalypse, even. That’s when I found this video of a street-legal Dirt Late Model, which is now the only future I envision for myself.


This, everyone, is a devilish-looking style of Late Model that started its life flinging around short oval tracks made of dirt at obscenely sharp lefthand angles. A true visionary in our lifetime then saw a new life in the car, a life of turning left and right and even abiding by stop signs, and made it street legal.

Don’t skip the slow, walk-around introduction to the car accompanied by ‘80s rock music. You’ll only be robbing yourself of the buildup the car deserves before the eventual moment that this, “The Outlaw,” drives onto the street.


That moment is a true victory for us all, and deserves every second of cellphone footage and AC/DC hype music leading up to it.

That’s it. It’s official. A street-legal Dirt Late Model is the only thing in my foreseeable future. I can feel this in my soul, my bones—everything.

And by “foreseeable future,” I mean in my dreams, my daydreams, my blogs, my conversations, and basically anything else I have control over. My husband and I unfortunately have a pact that we won’t make any financially stupid car purchases for the next few years, so check back in with me then.

Actually, don’t check back in with me. By then, I won’t be able to hear you over the ‘80s rock music, loud engines and pure American absurdity that is my life. That’s a good way to live, I’d say.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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I like pooping.

okay, I’ll bite. what is a Late Model? it’s one of those expressions that’s impervious to google.