This Story Of A Tractor And A BMW Doesn't End Well

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She wasn’t young anymore, but still elegant. And finally taking that breath of fresh air she’d been craving so long. When her big city shoes couldn’t keep up with the pace of her soul-searching she slipped, right into the arms of a strapping young cowboy. Could this be what she was looking for all along?

So I may have spent a little too much time reading the backs of the books at the grocery store checkout line last night. But this scene of a poor old E36 BMW being rescued and immediately betrayed by a tractor dragging it out of a ditch felt like one of those terrible city-girl-country-boy stories. Except with a much more depressing and malicious ending. I think. (How do those stories usually end? I just flip straight to the sex scenes. I mean, I don’t read this nonsense.)


Back in reality, the tractor had a tough task here– the pilot wanted a little bit of a snap to get the BMW dislodged, but obviously used too much. The BMW’s wheels look like they’re fully locked up as the car slides helplessly toward the farm implement.

Next time, spring for the snow tires! At least it looks like nobody got hurt.

Hat tip to Paulo!

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There’s a reason why recovery licenses are a thing. That’s an actual skill that your buddy with his dad’s tractor likely doesn’t possess. Call a real tow truck.