This Stanced Miata Being Loaded Onto A Trailer Is The Definition Of Cringe

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Pushing the limits of what’s possible is exactly the point of modifying your car. However, at some point, the law of diminishing returns comes into play, which kicked in for this determined Miata owner the second he realized that his home-made hella-stance kit was a little too much for his rented U-Haul trailer to handle.

The owner of this angle-ground monstrosity is a YouTuber named Tyler Fialko, a young whippersnapper that looks like he pisses off his respectable neighbors something fierce with his rebellious taste in automobiles and his unwillingness to get off their collective lawns.

However, there’s a certain elegance and flow for the build that I do admire. It’s a sort of tetanus-chic, where Fialko eyeballs everything and turns what was once a drivable car with stellar handling characteristics into something that raises the insurance premiums of every other car in a ten mile radius.


That elegance comes with a price - the undignified and extremely sketchy way that the stanced behemoth tries and fails to make its way up a ramp belonging to a rented U-Haul car carrier. Makeshift extensions are added, constructed with 2x4s and wheel chocks, but those fail as the car’s forward momentum sends the wooden planks zipping underneath the car’s impossibly angled, wide-ass tires, grounding the already low Miata.

Fialko does eventually get the car on the trailer by riding the side rails and unbolting the splash guards that U-Haul expressly forbids you from unbolting, but if there’s anything to learn from this build, it’s that rules, like size requirements and basic safety standards, are for suckers.

Tavarish writes and makes videos about fixing and modifying cars on the internet. Sometimes they actually run.

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This is cringe worthy even without the trailer/trailer loading.