This Sports Reporter Just Found Out He's Losing His Job Via Twitter

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Earlier today, we learned the SPEED will be losing coverage of Formula One next year after 17 straight years of bringing the races to America.


The various personalities involved in the broadcasts seem to have known about the change and have taken to Twitter in order to thank fans for the years of watching and to make sure that they enjoy the last five races of the season.

But nobody at SPEED told pit reporter Will Buxton.

As the pit reporter, Buxton and a camera man are the only members of the SPEED crew that are on the ground at the races during a Grand Prix weekend. He may be the newest member of the team, but he's been there for three seasons now, which isn't exactly nothing.

This is how he found out:


So basically, an integral member of the broadcast team wasn't told that it was a done deal by his bosses. He found out on the internets just like we all did.

But Buxton did issue one positive declaration: The night before the USGP will be epic.


Make sure to meet up with Will if you're in Austin for the GP and drink a few cold ones.


Photo Credit: @willbuxton


Well, if nothing else, Mr. Buxton does seem to be handling this with an impressive level of professionalism compared to what we're used to seeing in situations like this these days, and particularly over Twitter. Rather than getting angry and talking trash about the company for handling the situation so poorly (which he has every right to do), he chose instead to take the high road, express his gratitude for three years of employment, and move on.

Hopefully, his professionalism makes an impact and he finds a new job as quickly as possible. I'm not sure that I could be as strong and professional of a person were I in that situation.