This Sound Means 'Stand Back'

Gif: the_kyza (Instagram)

I’m not really into cars that are loud for the sake of loudness... but there’s “loud” and then there’s this four-rotor engine with fender-exit exhaust.


This RX-7 build is pretty well documented on social media and that clip above is hardly the first dyno pull it’s been recorded doing. But, dang. The fire coming out ahead of the side mirrors really is something to behold.

Did I mention it’s noisy? If that wasn’t clear before you pushed play... sorry about your headphones.

The third-gen RX-7 will forever be a legend of import performance and is one of my personal favorite cars of all time. The two-rotor engine that’s normally at home in such a car has a lot of power-up potential thanks to a healthy aftermarket. But of course, a big part of its value proposition was that it’s light and compact for how high it can rev and how much power it can generate.

The four-rotor that’s been swapped in here gives up some of that lightness for more displacement. If the noise its generating is any indicator of energy, it seems like the extra room for combustion has been put to good use.

Mazda’s 26B four-rotor engine, probably best known as the weapon of choice in the company’s famously Le Mans-winning 787B race car, is essentially the ultimate rotary-spinner and capable of generating over 1,000 horsepower with the right modifications.


It doesn’t look like the car in that Instagram clip weighs very much, so I have a little hunch that goes like shit off a chrome shovel when the gas pedal goes down. At least, provided the rear tires get the chance to find traction.

Not sure if fire-breathing exhaust coming out ahead of the passenger area is particularly prudent configuration though. I guess you just have to remember to keep the windows rolled up when you go fast?

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What the frick? No video? And the only links to more info on this build requires an Instagram account? Seriously, what... the... frick? I stopped reading after that.