This Sofa Is The Mazda Miata Of Sofas

Look at this cool sofa. Nice, right? That’s because it’s the Mazda Miata of sofas.

It’s simple, it’s light, it’s functional and it’s beautiful. I need one in my house. Just like a Mazda Miata.


Pretty sexy, no? The sofa will star at Milan Design Week because they were penned by Mazda Europe designers Setsu and Shinobu Ito, who created it to be an extension of Mazda’s current “Kodo” design language.

Here it is with a table. Really nice. I kind of want the table, too. The whole setup is classy as hell.


If furniture isn’t your thing, but bikes are, you’ll like this other Kodo-inspired piece for the show: it’s called the Bike by Kodo Concept, and it’s a racing bicycle with a frame made by hammering a single sheet of steel. The black leather saddle is made with the same red stitching as you’ll find on the new Miata.


Miata all the things.

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