Skydiver Gets Stuck On A Plane And Has To Cut Himself Free

Most of us look for a scare during the month of October, but this skydiver got one that was less than desirable during a recent jump—probably because it happened 10,000 feet above the ground. That’s pretty far away from the candy, too.

(Note: OK, it’s officially November now—I’ll drop the candy thing. Perhaps we should imagine “pumpkin pie” in that last paragraph.)

Fernando Gava jumped out of a plane flying over the capital of Peru for a free fall and caught his pant leg on the plane’s exit step, ABC News reports. The skydiver’s friend, Maurice Mathey, caught the whole episode from the ground and posted the video to his Vimeo account:


Gava hung upside down from the plane for half an hour before the guy managed to cut himself loose with a hook knife and go on about his skydive. After Gava landed, the video shows folks on the ground rushing to check on him.

The only things truly harmed in the incident were Gava’s hand—which sustained a knife cut while he tried to free himself—and his pants, which returned to the ground with a bit less fabric than they left with. Onlookers attended to Gava (who seems to be the calmest of the entire group, surprisingly) while another man brought the sawed-off pant leg to show to the camera.

As a person who struggled to hold the knife still while carving a jack-o-lantern a couple of days ago, both the cutting skills this took and the extreme luck that Gava had in making it out of this incident OK are impressive. Rock on, Gava.

But maybe rock on from the ground—at least, for a little while.

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Santos L. Halper

And the moral of the story is: Never wear pants.