The Mazda RX-4 was never really known as a sports car, especially here in the United States. It was a weird little Japanese coupe with a weird little Japanese engine, and that was that. A weird car for weird people. That is completely not the case with this 813 WHP six-rotor beast.

In case you're not remembering or you aren't entirely familiar with the Wankel engine (a forgivable offense), each rotor is roughly equivalent to three cylinders. So do the math on how many crazy pistons that would be.


In addition to the 813 horsepower at the wheels that this thing made by Pulse Performance in New Zealand makes, it also puts out 530 pound-feet of torque, according to Car Throttle. It's definitely one of the most unique sounding engines I've heard, starting at a rumbling idle like an old school V8 with a slight buzzing in the background, and peaking up to what almost sounds like the scream of a Japanese Super GT racer.

Can we just start making these a Thing now?