The Mercedes S-Class is an amazing technological achievement, but thanks to regulations, it can't be considered autonomous. But this simple hack changes all of that.

The big Merc has a number of cameras and sensors that keeps it in its lane at speed, but if you take your hands off the wheel for a few seconds, it starts beeping at you and then stops driving for you. It does this as a wake up call.


It stops doing the work for you because it required the driver's hands on the wheel while in motion. No weight on the wheel results in no assist. Simple, really. One way to bypass it is to put your knee under the wheel, but that can grow tiring and uncomfortable over time.

But by simply attaching a soda can to the wheel, you get a Mercedes that will calmly drive itself on the highway, staying in the lines and maintaining distance behind a car in front. It's truly brilliant.

Of course, don't try this at home on your Miata, it won't work. Also, if you have an S-Class, probably don't try this either, especially on a twisty road, since the tech isn't really that good yet. But that doesn't make this any less amazing.

Hat Tip to Gerhard!