This Shop Replicated The Lotus C-01 With A Ninja 650R

Rumor has it that the first few deliveries of the Lotus C-01 have finally happened, but for those that can't drop the $137,000 on a barely ridable work of art, a shop in Bali has made its own out of a Ninja 650R.


Smoked Garage built the replica for a Brisbane Broncos rugby player, stripping the Kawasaki to the frame, ripping it apart to suit the body work and new geometry, then covering it back up with five custom pieces of aluminum.

Return of the Cafe Racers has a detailed write-up on the build, including how the shop used a local nightclub owner's fog machine to ensure the aerodynamics were able to cool the engine. Look for a proper feature in print in the seventh issue of Tank Moto.

Photo: Luke Ray at Fuel Press

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