Around these parts, we like to say two wheels bad, but where does that leave vehicles with only one wheel? If we're talking about the SBU V3, the lithium-ion battery powered unicycle that can balance itself, then I say one wheel alright.

The SBU V3 is about to go on sale for the first time in the UK, but it's been around in the U.S. for a while now. They say it eliminates the trickiest part of riding a unicycle, which is staying upright. Here, that's taken care of by on-board 3-axis accelerometers and gyro sensors that keep it level at all times. No pedaling necessary — just lean forward to proceed and lean back to slow down and stop.

As I said before, it's electric, and it can go about 10 miles on a single charge, which the company says has made it popular for commuting in some cities. The sensors also "learn" your motions and adjust to your particular riding style. It also has regenerative braking, which is kind of amazing given its size.

The SBU V3 is super-light at only 27 pounds, making it ideal to stick in the back of your trunk. It's not exactly cheap though — this one-wheeler will put you out about $1,800.


Any takers? Come on, stuff with two, three and four wheels are so played out.