Most rally co-driver directions are simple, almost boring. “Six left, don’t cut. Four right, keep in.” But what if they were better? What if they were awesome? What if they were an Irish man screaming “GO! GO! GO FRANK!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”?

These are the only rally directions you will ever need.

It’s not just like having a co-driver in the passenger seat, it’s like having the world’s best coach and biggest hype man all at the same time. Liam Brennan, the co-driver in question, is clearly a master of the craft. And the driver he’s racing with, Frank Kelly, tends to drive like this:

I know what I want to do with my life now. I’ve found it. I’ve found my bliss. I’m moving to Ireland, and I’m just going to rally everything.

h/t to /u/Crouch310!