This Scion FR-S Stuck on a Speed Bump Proves That There is Such a Thing as 'Too Much Stance'

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Most people don’t know this, but there exists a country on this earth filled only with slammed cars with stretched tires and rolled fenders. This faraway land is called called “Stance Nation,” and its citizens have been infiltrating car shows around the world for years, with one Stance Nation-ite recently getting stuck on a speed bump in Georgia.

I don’t have much info about what’s going on in this video, other than what ViralHog mentions in its YouTube video description, which is that this happened on August 11, 2018 in Duluth, Georgia at the Clean Culture ATL Big Night Meet:

As you can see, the slammed Scion FR-S, with its enormously negatively-cambered wheels and its stretched tires, has to approach the small yellow speed bump at an angle, presumably to try to avoid scraping the front fascia.


But even with a spotter and some careful driving, the FR-S scrapes quite a bit, and high-centers, smoking up its rear tires as they desperately cling for enough grip to move the car forward.

But the car doesn’t budge, so a number of bystanders have to give the FR-S a shove. Even that doesn’t work until someone lays down a piece of wood for the Scion to drive up onto.


“What’s the point of ‘stancing’ a car so much that it can’t get over a simple speed bump?” you might ask yourself. Well, if that’s the thought that goes through your mind when seeing this video, then you’ll probably never get it.

Because in the great land of Stance Nation, this incident would be enough to get the driver knighted.