This Saggy Ass Chrysler New Yorker Is The Symbol Of Platform Luxury

You know how Mercedes is currently making fat bank selling the front-drive, platform-optimized low cost luxury CLA? Chrysler has been at that game, and here's what it looks like a couple decades later: a saggy-ass New Yorker K Car.

Here's another excellent Regular Car Reviews piece on what was so very, very right about the Chrysler New Yorker. RCR's point is that back in the '80s, Chryser was still pulling itself back up after a soul-shaking bailout. What they did was platform engineer their cars to the nth degree, and everything from budget Plymouths to this New Yorker was made on the same front-drive K architecture.


So it cost Chrysler hardly any more to make a luxury car than it did to make an econobox, only they got to charge more for the badge and the extras.

And it worked.

And here, in all its glory, is what that success looks like a couple decades later. The air suspension has sagged, the pop up headlights have failed, and the fake crystal has faded.

Oh, and another thing, the Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon weren't K-cars. The OmniRizon twins preceded the K platform and actually got Chrysler started on their front-drive ways. In addition, the K-platform was not Iacocca's idea, he joined Chrysler while the program was already well into its development stages. Selling out the platform into every manner of car design, that was all him, though.

Oh, and apparently RCR made some video about Kamikaze pilots attacking frat house parking lots or something like that.

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