GIF via Section9 Video

Who likes ripping sideways through the dirt? We’ve got just the sport for you!

Rally Sprints fall somewhere between rallycross and full-on stage rally events. They’re usually like one rally stage run several times and made to be more novice-friendly, as sort of an introduction to rally. They also look like a total blast. 

Bobby Calhoon took his S13 Nissan 240SX out to a NASA Rally Sport Rally Sprint at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park and borked a few turns. The glorious noise the 240SX makes unto your eardrums is a Toyota 1UZ V8 out of a Lexus.

Watching this big rowdy missile flounder around on course is hilarious, and looks like a boatload of fun.

Unfortunately, the last turn it overcooked had a wall on corner exit, but the car was still running after the hit. This noble bachelor’s sports mobile will surely outlive us all, along with uneaten Twinkies and cockroaches.