What do you do with a two-ton, Old-Lady-Of-Porkinham-spec Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow? Build a drift car out of it, duh.

Here’s drifter Shane Lynch at the Irish Drift Championship drifting around Mondello Park. Look at the majesty! Look!


This car appeared on an episode of the UK’s Supercar Megabuild television show, where Lynch handed over the big Roller for drift prep but emphasized that he wanted to keep the car street-legal. The big 6.5-liter V8 powers the rear wheels, and that’s all that really matters. It was lowered on air suspension, given a hydraulic handbrake and manual gearbox.

Speedhunters has a full write-up of the build here, for the curious. Best of all, they preserved the wooden dashboard. Now that’s class.

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