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Last weekend, the Blancpain Sprint Series got to experience what NASCAR fans would call “the big one” on just turn six of lap one of their qualifying race at the Misano World Circuit. To toss a little less visibility into the mix, Blancpain’s Big One happened at night, making it the crash that just kept on going.

An Audi turned sideways at Turn 6, causing the chain reaction that led up to the pile-up. The race was red-flagged almost immediately to allow track staff to clean up the field of debris. At least seven cars in the 34-car field were involved in the pile-up, with four cars sustaining heavy damage according to Sportscar365. Only 28 of those cars were able to continue racing afterwards. Fortunately, all drivers were fine despite the hard hits.


But man, this has to be the worst. Visibility during night races is already pretty terrible without a car spinning out in front of you. Only headlamps lit up the the pitch black track at that corner. It’s not hard to see how one loose Audi would cause a major incident when it’s so much harder to see.

File this one under “things I never want to experience firsthand.” Nope. Nope. All the nopes, ever. NOPE.


[via WTF1]

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