This Rat Rod Rolls-Royce Is The Sequel To The 'Zero Fucks Given RX7'

(Image Credit: The Smoking Tire/YouTube)
(Image Credit: The Smoking Tire/YouTube)

Did you know that you can buy an old Rolls Royce for, like, the lint and lose change in your pocket? Anybody can get one of these cars off Craigslist now, but turning one into an ass-hauling hot rod takes a special kind of demented genius.

You might have learned the name Corbin Goodwin when we first heard about the now-infamous Zero Fucks Given RX7 back in 2013. Basically, Goodwin acted on the idea of doing a seriously cheap, function-over-everything home-built hot rod and became a low key folk hero.

I think anyone who’s ever worked on their own car has fantasized about saying something like “screw it, let’s just bolt the radiator to the front bumper and get everything else from the junkyard.” Goodwin has shown us the result of following those depraved impulses.

(Image Credit: The Smoking Tire/YouTube)
(Image Credit: The Smoking Tire/YouTube)

Now about four years later, he’s applied the same ethic and aesthetic to a 1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II.

This once-regal elite luxury sedan has been reduced to a hacked-up post-apocalyptic war machine and it’s all kinds of wonderful. Actually, Matt Farah calls it “the dumbest car in the world” as he’s wringing it out in the California canyons. But it actually looks ridiculously fun. And frankly, I think it’d get a lot more props posted up in Beverly Hills than a brand new Phantom.

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Sure looks like this guy spent a lot of time and effort to make it intentionally look like he didn’t spend a lot of time and effort on it...