This Rally-Style Toyota C-HR Is The Only Cool Hybrid Crossover

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I am of the philosophy that every car is made better when transformed into a rally car. Go ahead think about it and challenge that assertion. You can’t. You can’t! Further supporting my theory is this TRD-tuned Toyota C-HR in rally gear set for the Tokyo Auto Salon.


For those of you that already forgot, the upcoming C-HR is a small crossover/hatchback thing that will line up against other small CUVs that also use letters and hyphens like the Mazda CX-3 and Honda HR-V. But for the Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota let their TRD team go nuts and mad two variants of the C-HR.

The first is the “Extreme Style” seen above with a “motion control” beam for the suspension, 16" wheels, black arches and red mud flaps. Someone put that puppy on a dirt track and see what it can do.


The second C-HR from TRD is the “Aggressive Style” which is primarily aimed at folks that bought a hybrid crossover and are trying way too hard at convincing others that their car has street cred.


It’s got the requisite side skirts, black wheels, and aero kit to show everyone YOU MEAN BUSINESS with your C-HR.

If Toyota was really serious about making their cars more fun, they would slap a turbo on that yellow one and send it to your local showroom.