Watching a rally-prepped Porsche 911 splash through the woods is pretty great. The only thing that could possibly make a video of it better, however, is envisioning the thought process behind the production of this video. Slow-motion of a rally-prepped Porsche? Pretty great. Slow-motion of, well, everything, even a dude walking in his flip-flops? Even better.

Leh Keen is the real name of an American race car driver, whom you may remember from that time he proposed to his then-girlfriend at the Nurburgring. He also races Porsches in the United SportsCar Championship, which, whatever, lots of people do that, but the real most exciting thing going on is his Porsche 911 SC. Except it’s unlike most Porsche 911s, all full of dentists and sitting on pavement, as Keen likes to drive his on dirt.


Keen’s “Safari 911” has fat tires, bright rally lights, and has been strengthened for off-road use. It’s a simple Fact that Porsches look better off the road than it, and we applaud Keen for following in that grand tradition.

Also, we applaud him for the two random shots of him walking through a stream in his flip-flops in slow motion, and the one time he popped a squat for a cell phone picture of his own car.


So, of course, we had to GIF it.

This is the greatest and weirdest thing to come out of this week. Merry Christmas, everyone.

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