This Racing Pass Would Get You Banned For A Million Years In Formula One

GIF via Supercars

Australian Supercars driver Scott McLaughlin nearly ate the wall at the Gold Coast 600, but he somehow turned a screeching, tire-smoking lock-up into a pass on the inside of Mark Winterbottom.

The pass gave McLaughlin in his Volvo a third-place finish for the race. McLaughlin explained how he salvaged the pass in a Garry Rogers Motorsport YouTube video after the race:

It...probably looked worse because I felt he moved under brakes on me. ... I sort of had to adjust my line of sight, line of entry, and then that sort of locked up one wheel, locked up the other and then I eventually gathered it all up and then managed to make a pretty clean pass.


Winterbottom was actually okay with it, owning up to Supercars that he’d been bested by McLaughlin’s faster car:

I was sixth-tenths a lap slower, so you get what you deserve, really.

It was alright. If I had’ve turned in I would’ve collected him but he’s having a crack – If I’m quick enough I want to race them the same way.

Man, I love Supercars. This epic save/pass would’ve been Verstappen’d in the face with a penalty in F1, but nah, everyone’s chill in Supercars. It’s alright, mate. That’s how it goes.

So, is this the pass of the year, or the save of the year? Honestly, we can’t decide.

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Takuro Spirit

It doesn’t matter if you duck to the inside under braking, or lock ‘em up and slide across the apex, a pass is a pass.