This Porsche Crash Is The Most Painful Parking Job You'll Ever Watch

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Most people would back up and come at the garage from a different angle, but I guess that’s not an option when one of your wheels is already broken off. The unlicensed 16-year-old driver was allegedly hiding the car after a hit-and-run, per CTV. So, what’s a few more scrapes on the door?

This poor, sad Porsche Cayenne belonged to the teenager’s mother. While she was out of the country, her son went on a joyride, allegedly hitting a parked car. The minor hit-and-run collision happened on June 16, according to news reports.


Because the driver fled the scene, he now faces charges of hit and run and driving without due care, Constable Brian Montague of the Vancouver Police Department told CTV. Had he stuck around to fess up to the crime instead of trying to ham-fistedly hide the car back in its garage, he would only be facing a ticket for driving without a license—a relatively minor offense in the laid-back Canadian city.

Police credit the cringe-worthy YouTube video as a huge help in finding the driver.


I doubt the driver’s mom will let him have a license for a long, long time after this. Let’s be honest, you’d be more afraid of her right now than the police.

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This reminds me of the time I was behind some lady trying to pull into the car wash. It was SO horrible and she had no idea what she was doing (kept backing up with the wheel turned the wrong way), so I ended up getting out of the car and driving her car in for her. Fast forward to 3:24 here: