This police officer was caught on video having sex on the hood of a car

This is a surveillance photo of a New Mexico State Trooper caught strip-searching a random woman with his penis on the hood of a car. What's even more funny? There's a prairie dog sitting there watching.

Who is the man in the photo? Is he really a state police officer? Was the driver trying to get out of a ticket? Why, as Mediate rightly wonders, is there a desert mammal watching?


We get answers to none of these questions. Instead, we get a reporter from KOB-TV Albuquerque running around asking locals about it. We learn that Albuquerqueniates don't want this guy walking around "with a weapon" or "with his utility belt on." Also, hood sex is a waste of taxes if he's on duty.

Ultimately, it's just comforting to see someone with an Audi getting screwed somewhere outside of an Audi dealership.

Update: A much wider shot shows it's clearly a Honda Accord, not an Audi A4.

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