This Polestar 1 Prototype Build Is the Most Relaxing Thing You'll Watch All Day

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Hey, there. Feeling kinda stressed out? Overworked? Under-rested? Girl, saaame. Extremely same. That’s why you should take three and a half minutes out of your busy day to just sit back, relax a bit and watch this Polestar 1 prototype build video. It’ll help you find some inner peace.

The 1 is the sleek, hyper-advanced hybrid sports coupe from Polestar. It’ll make 600 horsepower and be super light because of the extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced polymer in its structure, hood, trunk lid, side panels, doors and roof.

Polestar’s video shows the automaker building the very first of its prototype cars. And since they are made from mostly carbon fiber, special effort has to be taken to make sure everything fits perfectly and can be painted well. A press release reports that:

Construction of the cars, which takes place in a specialised prototype production facility in Gothenburg, is largely done by hand. It acts as the first testing phase for production of Polestar 1 customer cars which will be built at the new Polestar Production Centre in Chengdu, China. The carbon fibre-body of the Polestar 1 required the development of new specialised production equipment and construction techniques that will be transferred to the factory and used to build the production cars.


The factory looks surgically neat and clean, the machines are precise and the voice-over narration has the same soothing quality as an icy, babbling brook. It’s great and you should take a look.

And don’t forget to drink plenty of water because it’s good for you.

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Jeff Glucker

So... that’s totally a Mustang in the lede photo right?