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This Playboy Bunny Tried To Open An Airplane Door Mid-Flight

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Playboy model Tiffany Livingston was flying to New York when she felt disturbed by turbulence. To solve the problem she decided to bolt from her seat and attempt to open the emergency door mid-flight. Good thing she believes in destiny.

21-year-old brunette knockout Tiffany Livingston appeared in the debut issue of VIP, Playboy's new Singaporean edition. Flying from Orlando to Newark the Jet Blue plane she was on experienced some turbulence. According to the New York Post she didn't have her medication on her and freaked out. She allegedly took off for the emergency exit and tried to "steady herself" on the emergency exit door when two off-duty police officers thankfully stopped her. When the plane landed she was taken into federal custody, but the FBI apparently accepted her statement that she wasn't trying to kill everyone on the plane.


For some insight on her freakout, let's take a look at the debut issue of VIP where she talks about her relationship with destiny:

"I'm the kind of person, who needs to feel like everything happens for a reason. When you date a guy and it goes badly, that's horrible. But if you can write a song about it, then it was worth it."


We can't wait to see the song she gets from this one.

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