This Pickup Driver Screwed Up A Donut And Landed On Top Of Two Boats

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The 24-year-old asshat who owns this Ram pickup was arrested in Harrison Township, Mich. yesterday after his truck landed on top of two boats. He had been doing donuts a marina parking lot and lost control of his truck, flying off the dock.

The owner of one of the boats said the man's asshatery caused him about $10,000 worth of damage, more or less totalling what looked like a nice, but fairly old boat.

I have to wonder if the truck owner stopped by a bar first. Authorities haven't breathed a word about anything like that, but they did put the guy in jail overnight.


Losing control whilst hooning a car is somewhat understandable, but losing control doing donuts? I test drove a Ram pickup last week (more on that coming up on Aug. 24), and not only was it difficult to do donuts in it (even with the traction control off), but I noticed that if I — and this is the crazy part — took my foot off of the accelerator pedal and applied it to the brake, it slowed down pretty quickly.

I wonder why it didn't work for this guy?(Hat tip to Thresher!)

Photo credit: Ray Lievens