This Person Driving While Half-Assedly Cleaning Snow Off Their Windshield Is Just the Worst Kind of Idiot

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Why? Just why? Why the hell would anyone—especially a Canadian—do something as stupid and dangerous as driving with a completely snow-obscured windshield for absolutely no good reason? I’m both baffled and ashamed that I’m in the same genus as this non-genius. I mean, the car is entirely free of snow except for the one place where it really, really matters. Maybe I’m being to harsh? Maybe there’s a good explanation? Let’s see.


This video was posted to the CityNews Toronto Facebook page, and is credited to Gavin Gerbz:

Okay, so, let’s look at what’s going on here: that still-quite-new Hyundai Santa Fe is pretty free from snow, save for its windshield, which is essentially entirely obscured. The car is still driving, albeit a bit slowly, on Toronto’s highway 401. While driving, the driver occasionally reaches out of the window to brush off a small portion of the windshield near the top to see out of.

Now, I’d like to believe the driver didn’t start driving with a completely obscured windshield; more likely, the Hyundai just had a jaunty snow-hat, which slid down at some point when the SUV was braking. This is why you want to get snow off your roof, but this kind of thing does happen.

What makes no sense is why the driver’s first concern wouldn’t be to get off the highway as soon as possible to try and remove the snow; stopping on the shoulder is never a picnic, but it would have been a smarter move here, so they could actually make it possible to see out of their car.

Maybe they are planning to get to the shoulder, eventually? I hope so. It seems like they’re driving an awfully long time, though, but maybe that’s just because every drive while blind seems long.

Maybe I was too harsh. But still, clean the damn snow off your roof. And if you can’t see out of the big window in the front, remember, you can’t drive by the instruments, either. Get off the road as quickly and safely as you can! Put on your hazard lights, stick your head out of the window like a dog, and take care of business!



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There are two things I really want the OPP to crack down on more.

1. Plugging up the left lane (I think we can all agree to this).

2. Failing to clean snow off a car (completely clean - all surfaces and lights). Lazy fuckers all over the place get on the road without removing the snow “because it’s cold” or “because they’re in a hurry.” Then the snow flies off the car and hits/blinds other cars on the road. Not that it happened 3 times on my way into work today or anything. Have an SUV? Get an extending brush and clean the fucking roof. That’s what I did.

True story: I had just avoided a flying snow sheet from a van a couple winters back and pulled up to a red light still pissed at the inconsiderate cake sniffer. That’s when I noticed the car behind me. Just enough snow cleared to see a little out the front. I got out of my car, opened the trunk, and cleared off the douch-nozzle’s car. When he honked, I gave him the finger. I made sure he missed the green light too.