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This Out-Of-Nowhere Crash Is Why You Never Ride Faster Than You Can See

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

“Never ride faster than you can see” is one of my favorite rules when on a motorcycle.

This idiom is most often used when talking about canyon riding, and refers to keeping the pace mellow enough so that you can stop in time should there be crashed car or debris in the road or an animal hiding round the next corner.

The same is also true, however, for riding in a straight line. Whether it’s rain or fog or just a low sun that’s obscuring your vision, slow down so you can stop when some bozo in front of you does the unexpected.


The video was posted with the following caption:

I was driving along the dual carriage way that is on a slight incline. The further that I went up the dual carriage way, the harder it became to see; until it almost totally blinded me. At that point, I let off my accelerator to slow down, with the intentions of pulling into the hard shoulder further up the road. Before I knew it, I had rear ended a car that was travelling extremely slow for no apparent reason (Witnesses confirmed there was no traffic in front of him, driver confirmed that he was able to see.)


Regardless of whether the person in the car was driving normal speeds or too slow, or whether they had a reason for going too slow, the rider was still riding faster than they could see and could have avoided flipping over the car had they only been traveling as fast as they could see.

Keep it safe out there.

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